Review: ORLY Black Hole

Last week I was rocking one of ORLY’s FX glitters called “Black Hole”. It’s a sheer black creme polish with red circle glitter, silver hex glitter, and blue bar glitter. The whole effect is oddly 4th-of-July-ish, considering it’s sunk in black polish.

3 coats on middle finger; 4 coats elsewhere

Unfortunately, the formula and I didn’t get along all that well. For one thing, for all that it’s black, this stuff is sheer. See my middle finger up there? That’s three coats of the polish, and you can still see my nail through it. It’s tough to build this up to a solid finish. It’s definitely going to take you a whole lot of coats to make it look like the swatch of this color on ORLY’s website.

Here’s how it looked as a complete manicure, topped with Seche Vite. Not bad, honestly. It’s pretty cool! Pardon the awkward photo; I’m very much not a photographer and I’m still trying to figure out what angle and lighting works. Also the walls of the room I work in for makeup are…chartreuse. So.

4 coats of ORLY Black Hole
4 coats of ORLY Black Hole

Alas, it’s not going to stick around long-term once you have it on. Here’s how it looked on the morning of day 3:

Starting to chip
Starting to chip

Index and ring fingers starting to chip…and here’s my hand at the end of day 3:

Well. That escalated quickly.

Annnnd this is the point at which I declare a manicure a loss and start picking at it. By the time I went to bed on Day 3, I’d taken this polish off (with much effort. This is as painful to take off as any other hardcore glitter polish. Stock up on acetone!)

I would wear this polish again, but only for something where I specifically wanted either a black polish or a red-white-and-blue effect – its lack of longevity and the (typical for glitter) difficulty in taking it off made it not really all that fun to play with.


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