Revlon Lacquer Balms: Coy & Ingénue

As I said last post, I now have a large chunk of two Revlon lip collections: the Matte Balms and the Lacquer Balms, so I’m going to start giving you some reviews focused on those. Today we’re doing the two “nude” Lacquer Balms, Ingénue (a light caramel color) and Coy (a rosy-brown sort of thing).

Coy and Ingenue swatch
Revlon Lacquer Balms in Ingénue (l) and Coy (r)

On my lips,  Ingénue is pretty close to a true nude, while Coy is surprisingly non-nude looking (though maybe it shouldn’t have surprised me – after all, I’m ultra-pale and there’s very little chance a darker “nude” will look anything like “nude” on me).

Ingénue on my lips
Ingénue on my lips
Coy on my lips
Coy on my lips

Since even Coy is still more nude-toned than not, I decided to try my hand at a dramatic eye to go with these. I broke out an eyeliner I’ve been wanting to play with, Bare Minerals liner shadow in Yoga – it’s shimmery, deep purple-red from the limited edition and (sadly) no longer available “Degrees of Dazzling” kit – and did a clumsy smoky eye with my Urban Decay Anarchy Face Case (also limited edition and also no longer available). My upper lid has Yoga, applied wet. My lower lashline has a lighter smudge of Physicians Formula purple kohl liner.

Ingénue on my face
Ingénue on my face
Coy on my face
Coy on my face

I really like how this look pairs with Ingénue. Coy’s darker shade competes a bit too much with the dark eye look, I think.

The Lacquer balms, in contrast to the Matte Balms I’ve already reviewed here, aren’t opaque. They’re a bit sheer, though the effect is still more “lipstick” than “lipgloss” when you take a step back. These guys are also chock full of sparkle, though the amount of glitter varies from shade to shade. Beware wiping them off, because there will be actual chunks of glitter to deal with. You probably won’t have to wipe them off, though, because these don’t wear as well as the Matte Balms, either. The full effect of the Lacquer Balms will be on its way out within a few hours, if it even lasts that long. Here’s how Ingénue looked right after application, one more time:

Ingénue on my lips
Ingénue on my lips

And forty minutes after I applied it, after I ate lunch:

Er...where'd it go?
Er…where’d it go? (As usual, pardon the weird photo. I swear it did not go from daylight to night in those 40 minutes, so I don’t know why this came out so much darker)

Pretty much nothing left except around the edges. Even the glitter has mostly given up the ghost. So yeah, let’s just say these Lacquer Balms are not where you want to go when you want your lipstick to last. I quite like them as a easy-come-easy-go color option, but the short longevity is a problem for me considering the cost of these ($10.49 at my CVS). I’m not ready to write off the entire line yet, though, because a few days ago I tried Enticing, from this same line, and was pleasantly surprised by how its stain lasted for hours. I’ll be doing a post covering Enticing in a few days, and between that and reviewing the other colors I have from this line, hopefully a pattern will shake out as far as whether Ingénue is unusual in its longevity.


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