Polish Longevity Check – Sally Hansen Color Foil

*bzzt* *PA system whine* We now interrupt your previously-schedule swatch week to bring you a polish longevity check!

As a reminder, here was Sally Hansen Color Foil Nail Makeup in “Purple Alloy” immediately after application (polish only, no base or top coat, as per the bottle instructions):

Sally Hansen Color Foil - Purple Alloy

Here’s that polish the next morning:

Sally Hansen Color Foil - Purple Alloy - day 2

As I expected, this was not a long-wear polish. Within 24 hours, I had a significant chip on my left middle finger and tip wear everywhere else. I decided to let things ride and see how the polish looked again in a few days. Here it was on day 5, this afternoon:

Sally Hansen Color Foil - Purple Alloy - day 5

On the one hand, it’s obviously significantly degraded, and if I weren’t testing the formula, I probably would have taken the polish off before this. On the other hand…there really were no more chips after that middle finger. Abundant tip wear, yes, but no chips or flaking. No missing chunks that scream “if you don’t take me off right now, you’re going to look like a fool in public.” I’m actually impressed with how well this held up for a “nail makeup” type polish. I could easily have touched it up with a tiny bit of polish to the tip of each finger and kept wearing it past day 5.

Overall, as long as you go into your relationship with this polish knowing it’s not going to last long-term, it’s pretty darn good at being what it is.


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