Face of the Day featuring Revlon, Coastal Scents, and Be a Bombshell

Since I teased with all those hand swatches last night, I decided today to try to do something using as many of those products as I could. As a result, you get a Face of the Day and some bonus product swatches!

Also me!
Also me!

So. There’s me today. I’ll tell you right off to ignore how perfect my skin looks in the above photos; I used the “beauty” (aka “erase all the pores!”) mode on my camera to conceal my ongoing lip hair situation. The eyes and lips in the pictures are basically as they are in real life, though, and I’m a fan of all the products I used today!

Shall we start with my eyes? Yes, let’s, because I desperately need to rave some more about this Be a Bombshell mascara. Yes, the one Ipsy hates. Because YOU GUYS LOOK AT MY LASHES.

Incidentally, what is the angle I'm supposed to be taking mascara photographs at? Because this surely can't be it
Incidentally, what is the angle I’m supposed to be taking mascara photographs at? Because this surely can’t be it.
Look at them there lashes, Ma!
Look at them there lashes, Ma!

That’s three coats of Lash out. As a reminder, here’s my bare lashes :

Bare eyelashes, closed eye
Bare eyelashes

Notice that with Lash Out, the volume and quantity of my lashes is the same – they’re not clumped together into one mega-lash or anything – but they’re slightly thicker-looking and the length is much increased. This, right here? This is how I like my mascara, girls and boys.


Also on my eyes:

  • Pacifica eyeshadow Duo #1 from my May Ipsy bag (the gold-toned shadow on inner lid). I’m not madly in love with this – especially because the other half of the “duo” is so light it doesn’t even show up – but I wanted to start with a neutral-ish base on my eye and this was handy
  • Rimmel Soft Kohl eyeliner in Pure White (bottom waterline)
  • Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Kohl Kajal Eyeliner for Brown Eyes (phew, what a mouthful!) in black, because, well, I was looking for a black eyeliner and this was on top of the pile and I know it doesn’t tug
  • Coastal Scents eyeshadow in Elven Midnight, from the sample palette they sent me (see below), in my crease, mashed into my eyeliner, and smudged under my eyes
Elven Midnight is the bottom left
Elven Midnight is at the bottom left

Now, on to lips! I just picked up this Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain in Stockholm Chic yesterday, and I really liked the way it swatched on my hand, so I wanted to get it on my lips ASAP.

Revlon Moisture Stain in Stockholm Chic
Revlon Moisture Stain in Stockholm Chic

On the plus side, this color is great on a paleface like me, because it’s red but it’s not, like, RED. It’s kind of like the color you’d get if you licked a red candy and then rubbed it on your lips. It’s also got a bit of sheerness to it (I know it doesn’t look like it in the photo, but trust me), which makes it not so in-your-face. Which means it’s wearable!

Yes, I have no upper lip. I blame my mother.
Yes, I have no upper lip. I blame my mother.

On the negative side, this formula is…weird. It feels a bit like slathering your lips in hand lotion, with that sort of fatty feel (am I the only one who’s accidentally gotten hand lotion on my mouth? I can’t be, right?) to it. I guess that’s the “moisture” part. The glossy finish mattes down some within about half an hour, but because of the shimmer in it, it still looks glossy longer than that.

Because the doefoot applicator has a pointed tip, it doesn’t tend to distribute color completely evenly. You’d think the point would be great for lining, but mostly it’s just great at holding onto globs of color until it deposits them unevenly where you try to line. You can still sort of see that problem on the edge of my upper lip in the photo above. On the whole, though, the formula evens itself out after a few minutes, so it’s not a huge problem.

Here’s the color after three hours and a meal:

Pardon the awkward lighting
Pardon the awkward lighting. I took this picture looking up at the ceiling light fixture because the daylight, it had gone away

The color has mellowed out quite a lot, but it’s not gone, it’s just lighter. There’s some fading around the edges, but the gloss finish has remained remarkably shiny. This is more longevity than I expected to get out of this lipstick, honestly; the shiny, wet finish did not inspire confidence. Actually, I was about to say that I still wouldn’t consider this a “stain” so much as a set lipstick, but then I decided to test that by rubbing away the color with my finger and, uh, it didn’t go anywhere. So yeah, it does seem to be a stain under all that fancypants moisture!

So, there you have it. A “let’s use a bunch of products I have laying around and want to try” FOTD, with bonus lipstick and mascara reviews thrown in!


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