Sephora? Don’t mind if I do!

No reviews for you today, just a quick story where makeup people are probably the only ones who’d find it amusing:

Husband and I were in the mall yesterday doing some clothes shopping, and on the way to the side of the mall where we parked the car, I stopped short, looked at him, and went, “Oh honey, I’m sorry.” He blinked, then realized what I’d stopped in front of and sighed: Sephora.

Long-suffering husbands are the best!

And for the record, I didn’t actually come out of Sephora having bought anything – I just wanted to look and swatch a few things, and that’s all I did. See, honey, I have restraint! Restraint…but no OCC-Lip-Tar-that-I-swatched-and-really-liked-but-I’m-buying-a-new-car-soon-and-need-to save-my-pennies-my-life-is-so-hard 😦


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