Manicure round-up

I’m sorry I’ve gone quiet this week. There’s been some pressing real-life stuff that’s been forcing me away from the computer.

The good news is that due to that real-life stuff, I did some more stress buying, and I just acquired what I believe are the last 3 colors from Revlon’s Matte Balm collection, which means that when I find the time – hopefully this weekend – I can do a complete on-the-lips swatching of the whole collection!

The bad news is that post isn’t happening today 😦 Instead, I’ve got a quick round-up of the polishes I’ve tried out over the past few weeks. Hey, it’s better than nothing! So, onward.

Revlon Parfumerie - Lime Basil, topped by ELF - Enchanted
Revlon Parfumerie – Lime Basil, topped by ELF – Enchanted

After the orange fails I had with Revlon Parfumerie polishes, I wanted to give another bright a try (I’ve already had success with darker colors from the line, but I wanted to see whether all the brights were problematic). Lime Basil, a bright lime green, was thankfully not nearly as streaky as Orange Blossom was a month ago. I wouldn’t say the formula was anywhere near perfect – it was still a bit of a struggle to get on neatly – but it’s at least way better. And how much do you love this matte white glitter topper from E.L.F? It reminds me a lot of the much-more-expensive “Doily” topper from Butter London.

On the other hand, let’s talk about Lime Basil’s scent. Whoever called this “Lime Basil”, well…let’s just say their nose is not my nose. Or my husband’s. He and I both agree that this would be better titled “soapy pine trees”, but I suppose that wouldn’t be as catchy a name.

And, well…after taking it off, I looked like I’d been doing illicit things with Kermit the Frog. Even though I wore a basecoat under the Lime Basil, this was the scene after removal:


This is not the first Parfumerie polish I’ve had staining troubles with (Autumn Spice was also hellish, though looks great on the nail!). I took that staining picture on…let’s see…June 15. It’s now July 1, and no amount of scrubbing, acetone-ing, or anything else has budged that damn stain. Which has made it really difficult to wear the lighter colors I’ve been wanting to wear. Case in point, Sinful Colors’s “On the Bright Side”.

Sinful Colors – On the Bright Side

This is an egg yolk-colored orangey-yellow, and I loved it at first sight in the bottle. But it’s a little streaky and it’s definitely not an opaque enough color to hide dark green kermit fingers, which meant I had to try layering it over white polish. And as usual, that made things awkward. The final result wasn’t actually that bad – I could certainly have worn this out of the house, for all that it’s a bit chunky – but by the time I finished two layers of white and three layers of On The Bright Side, plus some Seche Vite, on one hand, I was sick to death of staring at this manicure and just took it off!

I replaced it with something I knew wouldn’t show the kermit stains: vampy dark red.

Rimmel Salon Pro - Red Award
Rimmel Salon Pro – Red Award

This polish is actually close to a jelly on first application – I believe it took three or four coats to build it to this opacity, and the color progressively darkened with each coat. Initial coats were closer to the color you see staining my cuticles here, more of a strawberry red. I kind of wish that lighter color had persisted through the coats, but then it’s not like I don’t already have lighter reds in my collection. Nevertheless, the final result here was very nice indeed, especially when I added a matte topcoat (Nicole by OPI, to be specific) to half of each nail, which added some quick and easy dimension.

And lastly, we have what I’m wearing now: Jessie’s Girl High Intensity Nail Color (only available in Rite Aid, at least near me) in Blue Moon:

Jessie's Girl - Blue Moon
Jessie’s Girl – Blue Moon

This is a really great blurple metallic polish. If you’re familiar with Rimmel Salon Pro’s Barmy Blue, imagine that with a metallic finish added and you’re pretty close to this. I’ve had this on for three days now and it’s holding up pretty darn well – only the very tiniest of chips on my right thumb. This did have some weird reactions with Seche Vite, though – after applying the top coat, the polish underneath cracked in a couple of spots, like the Seche Vite had pulled it apart. It was easily fixed by dabbing some new polish on top of those spots, though, so not a big deal.


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