Sally Hansen Triple Shine – Make Waves

So, remember a few weeks ago when I told you about my utter fail with Sally Hansen Triple Shine’s “Make Waves”? It swatched sheer, so I tried to put it over white polish and ended up in a layering disaster. Well, I decided to give it another chance this week. After all, what better time to try a sheer blue-green duochrome than when your nails are stained Kermit-the-frog green and you’ve cut them rather overzealously short (seriously, I managed to cut my right index finger below the quick somehow. Ow.) to try to nip it in the bud? The staining can only help with opacity, and with no nail above the tips of my fingers, there’s no possible visible nail line through the sheerness!

Sally Hansen Triple Shine - Make Waves
Sally Hansen Triple Shine – Make Waves

And you know what? I like this polish. A lot. Every time I catch sight of my hands I have an urge to shout “My fingers are mermaids!” (yes, I might be weird) because it’s just that perfect, summery, mermaid-scale iridescent blue-green. It’s not even as sheer as I was afraid after swatching it. The manicure in this photo is two coats, and though if you look hard you can see some nail, it really doesn’t come off as sheer at all once it’s on.

I’m on day three of this manicure now and I’m seeing some tip wear and a small chip in the same place on my right thumb that always chips (seriously, I swear I am not hitting it with a hammer, what gives?), but the other nice thing about this light shimmer is that it’s disguising those imperfections pretty well. Make Waves, I love you!


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